Cie Games


The Life of a Cie Developer

Some want to be super heroes, some want to help people while others just want to have fun. Well if you work as a Cie developer you’ll do all of this and as you read this you’ll realize why.

When I joined Cie Games I learned really quickly that just like with any game company everyone here works really hard.  Everyone here wants to show pride in their work and make the best possible game for everyone to enjoy.  But unlike boring places, you are required to possess special talents such as coding with one hand while dodging a Nerf dart coming at you and throwing another dart with the other hand. I think only super human developers can survive that!
Everyone hones these powers because everyone in the office wants to hear a story like I have where one of the gamers told me how Car Town makes his living bearable. He’s a mechanic and loves restoring cars but has been bed ridden for 6 months for medical reasons and he plays Car Town at least 8 hours a day, doing car restorations, racing and decorating his garage.  He said he loves Car Town and it’s the only thing that makes his days go by quickly and with joy. Maybe it’s not exactly saving lives but it makes you want to make the game even better.
I get to enjoy making new features while I sit here with very fun people all around me.  I have a nice view out of the 18th floor window in a cool office space that has walls decorated by all of us. Plus we regularly get to enjoy game nights, company outings and lots of fun together.