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Nitto 1320 Legends

Live Opponents.
Real Competition.

Race for cash, cars, and glory! Live racing, high stakes betting, and a vibrant community await.

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  • Live Opponents. Real Competition.

    Live Opponents. Real Competition.

    Can you handle true head-to-head, player-vs-player racing?

  • High Stakes Betting

    High Stakes Betting

    Race for cash, glory, and your car in the ultimate pink slip battle!

  • Tune & Upgrade

    Tune & Upgrade

    Customize your car with our unique in-depth upgrade system that allows precision tuning.

  • Make Connections

    Make Connections

    Chat with other racers and make friends, talk smack on your rivals and spectate live races!

Game is good,
very detailed in the upgrades.
Highly addictive.
I give this game 5 stars
because it is awesome!