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What's my goal in Car Town Streets?
Your goal is to gather the ultimate car collection and build a town for your cars to live in. Two core components are cars and businesses. To earn Coins, you'll need to find cars that can work at the businesses you've built around town. This money will be used to search for new cars and buy new businesses, as well as for decorating your town and paving new roads for your Cars to drive on.
So, I just gained a level. What does that mean?
Whenever you perform actions like collecting from a car, you will gain Experience Points, shortened as “XP.” Collecting enough XP will allow you to gain a level. Reaching higher levels will allow you access to more cars, buildings, and decorations.
How do I get more cars?

If you pay a visit to Rusty’s Car Rescue, Rusty will take you on a trip to find different cars. Cars can be found in different regions, which are locked by level. The higher the level requirement, the better cars you’ll find in the region. Be sure to check your Goals, as they’ll often tell you where to find certain cars. After you find a car, you’ll first need to rebuild it in your Garage before you can send it out to start earning for you. If you can't build it, Rusty will store the car at the Car Rescue.

A few things to keep in mind when rebuilding a car is that your Garage can only accommodate one car at a time.

If you can’t seem to find the car you’re looking for, you can always visit the Showroom. The Showroom has every single car in the game fully stocked. As long as your level is high enough, you can buy any car you want without having to wait!

My Businesses aren’t working properly. Why is that?
In order for your Businesses to accommodate cars and allow your cars to earn money, they have to be placed against a road. When you’re editing or placing a Business in your town, the Business will have a red outline around it if it isn’t being placed alongside a road. Look for that green outline around the Business while placing it—that means it’ll be functional.
What are Business Types and what do they do?

There are currently four Business Types in Car Town Streets:

  1. Food
  2. Recreation
  3. Entertainment
  4. Public Services

You’ll notice that both buildings and cars will have one of the above four icons representing what its Business Type is. If you assign a car to a Business that shares a Type, your car will be happy and earn a lot more than it normally would if you were to assign it to any other Business.

Sometimes, matching a car and Business with the same Type results in your car finding its Dream Job! While at a Dream Job, your car will earn a pretty big chunk of money. Be sure to experiment with different car and Business combinations!

Where do I get a Parts Shop? What does it do?
To buy a Parts Shop, visit the Shop by tapping on the Menu drop-down in the top-right corner of the game screen. Under the “Service” category, you’ll find the Parts Shop for sale. The Parts Shop allows you to generate Parts, which are used to improve your cars.

What does a car level do and how do I raise it?

Every single one of your cars can be improved by raising their levels to a maximum of ten. When a car reaches a higher level, it will pay out more money each time you collect from it.

Car level can be raised by giving your car Parts. If you build a Parts Shop on your map, you can tap on it to start tasks and earn Parts. Then, tap on the car you want to improve and then tap the “Upgrade” button.

I want to change how my town looks. How do I do that?
You can shift around the placement of your buildings and decorations in your town however you’d like. To do that, you’ll have to jump into Edit Mode. Click on the top-right drop-down menu and then click on EDIT to start changing how your town looks!
I’m a little stuck. What should I do?
If you’re ever unsure what you should be doing, remember to always check your Goals! Roxy and Rusty have given you a list of things to do and you’ll get XP and Coins for completing your Goals.
I’m running low on coins. How do I get more?

As long as your cars are assigned to a Business and have jobs, they’ll each bring back coins after a certain amount of time. Both amounts are based on the car’s attributes. Here are some pointers:

  1. Be sure to have enough Businesses to accommodate all of your cars
  2. Remember to level up your cars by feeding them Parts
  3. Try to find your cars’ Dream Jobs by experimenting with car and Business combinations

Completing your Goals will earn you coins as well as XP. You can also earn coins on the side through other tasks, such as riding along with Rusty to rescue cars and giving your cars gas, tires, or a wash when it requests it.