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Car Town

Build Your Dream
Garage today!

Customize the best collection of cars and race your friends!

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  • Awesome Race Tracks

    Awesome Race Tracks

    School the delivery boy at Tony's Pizza place or go pro at Indy & Daytona!

  • Garage Upgrades

    Garage Upgrades

    Design the ultimate showroom or build the most decked out car mechanic’s workshop. The possibilities are endless!

  • Collect Dream Cars

    Collect Dream Cars

    Scavenge, build, or just buy cars that you’ll never own in real life thanks to your gaming addiction!

  • Play with Friends

    Play with Friends

    Socialize from the comfort of your own home and during work hours! Huzzah internets!

Car Town?? More like
PERFECT DREAM Town!!! -Everyone Ever
We agree Car Town is a blast.
Ain't that the tooth!
-4 out of 5 dentists
I can haz Car Town?