The Cie Games Charity Art Auction!

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Cie Games is home to some of the most creative people I have ever met. There are the obvious suspects: the 3D modelers, the graphic designers - you know, the ones with the jobs that have 'art' in the description. Then there are the people who do other jobs: metrics tabulating, administration, content management - they pull out an unexpected and passionate inner artist to support a great cause!

Together with some incredible people in Cie Studios, and the driving forces of Megan K. and Anabel S., our team members created around 30 pieces of unique and original art inspired by video games, positivity, pop culture, and of course, cars! The donated pieces generated $1,227 for the local Boys and Girls Club.

The Not So Silent Auction was by turns friendly and cut-throat, with prices soaring into the triple digits for many of the pieces. While I didn't win anything myself, I can rest easy knowing that I donated money to a worthy cause. And I only jokingly threatened violent revenge on the winner of the Breaking Bad themed image I desired. ^_~

With many mediums represented, from paint to photography, needle-point to sculpture, and etched-glass to melted crayons, the charity auction represented many values that Cie Games prizes: creativity, healthy high-stakes competition, and passion for our hobbies (and underneath it all, a kind and generous heart).

Please view a compilation of the works donated below.

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